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My name is Stacey and I’m an advocate of advocacy. I am passionate about inspiring and educating businesses to respect the planet and people.

I share stories about people and companies that are thriving by taking a stand.

All businesses, large and small, want to attract passionate, loyal fans. When you build experiences that are impactful, word of mouth becomes inevitable.

Tribes form.

Your business markets itself.

Advocates recommend causes and brands we’re passionate about. I know what it takes to motivate advocacy. I started early. In college I organized voters and non-violent protests. Advocates began to lose power as money completely took over politics. New tactics were needed.

I was lucky. I got to work on a new kind of campaign in the 90’s with Rainforest Action Network. We started organizing Home Depot’s customers to stop buying old-growth redwood products. This was one of the most effective ways we were able to protect some of the remaining 1% of ancient forests on California’s north coast. The company went on to lead the industry in offering certified-sustainable alternatives. Consumer demand for healthy and sustainable products became the driving force for similar changes over the next two decades.

Inspired by this success organizing consumers, and by the seminal book “Cluetrain Manifesto,” which held that markets are conversations, I transformed from protester into a “conversation catalyst.”  I went into brand advocacy, working with companies making a difference on the issues I care about most. I’ve got so many stories to tell of victories and upsets along the way.

Specialized Hybrid City Bicycle

My new Specialized Hybrid from High Trails Cyclery in San Francisco

I still write letters, organize and vote, besides working with brands. I’ve learned I feel best when I also connect my own personal actions — like bike commuting and shopping local — to the causes I care about.
Ask anyone who hangs out with me, I can be a bit of a nut about these things. It’s cuz it’s fun. It’s like a game. You’ll see.
Trust me it’s at least more fun than other things I’ve tried:
  • ranting at the TV
  • excessive social media surfing/debating/tweeting
  • almost winning, then losing campaigns
  • moping, sulking, procrastinating
  • drinking to numb pain
  • overeating
Check out a recent live video I posted, and join me on this journey by sharing this and posting comments. Share your tips for staying active and empowered. 
Let me know what inspires you most about my story and what you’d like to hear more about. This is just a beginning.