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The ability to see opportunity in every situation, no matter how dire, this is my definition of ‘The Force.’

“I am so blessed.” It’s both a true statement about me right now, and what my mom wrote on her notepad when I saw her after surviving an aneurysm in 2012. She was in the ICU (intensive care unit) at St. Thomas hospital in Nashville, TN, writing on a note-pad as she was fully intubated. After fifteen days of death-defying procedures that nurses warned me wouldn’t save her, she survived. Recovering from a full left-side paralysis nearly completely, today, she thrives! This is the force.

It’s the ability to see opportunity in every situation, no matter how dire.

On this Mother’s day, I honor that which she taught me.

Given that our family loves both Star Wars and Star Trek, traveling the world in search of adventure, I was delighted to find this unique item for mom’s gift this year. It involves plants and levitation…

Stacey DePolo

Mom and dad met at the World’s Fair in NYC in 1964. She’d sold General Motors (GM) on her as the GM Hostess of the Year for the 1964 World’s Fair. She rejected, initially, the idea of posing with my dad at the GM exhibit which they’d both been hired to participate in. Having been sold on her, Ray Shull pursued her, and the rest, as they say, is history.

On this Mother’s Day, Remember to Use the Force

Watch this broadcast she joined where she tells how she got into sales, starting a business with her best friend in the 70’s. She was totally self-taught, a pioneering sales pro, rising to the top ranks of sales pros at Ambius before she retired.

Using the force, believing in my own worth, I’ve negotiated better salaries, vacation options, speaking engagements, and client deals over the years than I ever thought possible. Anita has coached me every step of the way. She has a unique way of seeing the opportunity in every situation. She taught me to frame every deal I work from the place of how it benefits the person I am selling. It works.

That, and making sure to treat others as you would want to be treated, are things I will never forget. She did me well. May the force be with you and your mom on this special day and every day.