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Music that matters with
Maya Dorn.

Musicians have unprecedented access to fans in today’s connected world — if they can figure out the confusing array of options for musician websites and modern indie music marketing. I love helping artists make sense of it all so they can get more exposure for their music. At a recent local music industry meetup called Balanced Breakfast, I was the featured speaker. I shared best practices for websites and social media for musicians. One of my favorite recommendations is to use live video to create engaging content, along with a personal blog like this one.

To demonstrate, I asked if anyone would volunteer for a live interview using a new tool I am trying out called BeLive.TV. Luckily for me, someone I’m a fan of took me up on the offer. The live discussion we had got into how to attract advocates who will spread the word about shows, crowd-funding campaigns, and new-releases: stand for something. Make music that matters.

Maya Dorn is a songwriter, producer, and DJ and an advocate for women, the planet, and social justice. Her music moves me to want to share it with you, and I hope you’ll be moved to share it too. We had a great time chatting about what inspires her to make music that matters.

Music is my way of understanding our experience…

I was invited to write the English lyrics for Aphrodesia, a band inspired by Fela Kuti. We drove around in a veggie-oil bus, playing both the Democratic and Republican national conventions to raise awareness of political issues.

Afrobeat music is really the music for the people, the underdog, it’s political. Going into the history of Fela Kuti, it’s an honor to learn the music and to play it because it is a tradition that is not ours.

Maya Dorn

Some of my fave Maya Dorn, Aphrodesia, and Sweet Snacks tracks:

Kim Lembo and Maya Dorn created the podcast “Grab ‘Em By The Songs” where women songwriters share personal life stories and songs. Subscribe and Share to show your support for these awesome ladies.


See Maya Dorn live…
Saturday April 21, 7:30-10:30pm

If you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco like me, you can see Maya along with my friend Michael Musica at the V.V. Variety Show #10 at the historic Red Victorian in the Haight Ashbury district.

Here’s my favorite Sweet Snacks video.

Let me know in the comments what you enjoyed most about the interview, Maya’s music, and the music video.

What other musicians are making music that matters? Turn me on to your favorites and maybe they’ll be on a future show.