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Social media is the new email, so all you need is a Myspace page, right?

Wrong. The sheer variety of options that we have to promote music or anything these days is overwhelming. The one constant since the web became a central part of our lives are your own website and email list. These are things you own. Using social media without it using you requires understanding this. You want to tap into each social network based on its unique potential to connect you with fans, constantly driving them to opt-in to your own email list on your website.

Doing this allows you to avoid being overly dependent on ‘rented properties’ like Facebook and YouTube, both of which recently penalized users who had monetized their subscriber and follower bases with changes to how they deliver traffic to profiles and pages. You can always find your fans on the next big social media network if you have permission to email them. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to start over building a base of fans if your only connection to them is on a social site you don’t control.

Watch this panel of experts from the Balanced Breakfast National Music Summit in San Francisco, led by Paige Clem, Director of Marketing and Festival Programs for High Sierra Music Festival. They emphasize using social media to tell your story, demonstrate authenticity, and truly draw people into your world. Paige applies these techniques to her own marketing, recently celebrating her own debut album release at a successful concert at Terrapin Crossroads, to a full room. She used social media effectively alongside her excellent website and email. It works!

Show the world what you stand for, engage with fans where they are for your type of music or causes that inspire you. Stand for something — a cause like gun control, climate justice, or veganism —  to build a tribe around your band and motivate visitors to give you permission to follow up with them.

Make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices, contains updated info, and shows off samples of your performance, and communicates your personality. Make it easy for people to contact you and pay you for services.

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